Gotenyama House

A Renowned Forest Estate


Inherit the tradition of pride, of living in Gotenyama

A lean, clean sculptural facade. An expansive property of more than 8,500 square meters*1, a building surrounded by leafy pathways. While designated a Category 1 low-rise exclusive residential district, the seven-story structure*2 was made possible through the use of the Comprehensive Design System. Gotenyama House the embodiment of the classical residence. Gotenyama the heart quietly fills with joy at the prospect of owning a home in a place of such pride.
*1 For purposes of the Building Standards Act, the structure consists of two basement and six above-ground floors.

Photographed June, 2014

Gotenyama residences truly designed for carrying on and burnishing pride of place.

Site schematic *Drawing based on blueprints; not actually as shown.
Site schematic *Drawing based on blueprints; not actually as shown.
  • Green, open public spaces on all four sides

    The property is surrounded by rich, green open areas,Offering a generous sense of spaciousness.

    Photographed June, 2014

  • Entrance approach lined with leafy greenery.

    The walkway leading to the entrance offers the elegant welcome of cherry trees.Beyond which a generous lobby awaits.

    Photographed June, 2014

  • Relaxing, richly planted interior gardens.

    Private gardens are accessible only to residents.The richly planted gardens change with the seasons.

  • Elevators located for maximum privacy.

    A total of eight elevators are available.With just three units per floor, one elevator for each floor provides enhanced resident privacy.(Excluding some units)

    Elevator layout conceptual diagram

The chiseled facade conveys the Gotenyama pride of place.

The goal was an exterior design fully in keeping with the history of this exclusive residential district. The deep insets worked into the podium enhance the impression of handsome nobility.

North side elevation

East side elevation

*Drawings based on blueprints; not actually as shown.

Services and common facilities designed to offer the comfort of a hotel.

Services and common facilities have been designed to emulate the standards of a fine hotel, ensuring that every resident can enjoy a pleasant,
comfortable lifestyle.Attention to detail marks a fulfilling level of hospitality.

  • Fitness center

    Fitness center

    Outfitted with fitness equipment from Technogym of Italy. A convenient way to stay healthy.

  • Lounge


    A perfect place for peacefully reading or enjoying conversation with friends.

  • Staffed 24 hours a day.

    Staffed 24 hours a day.

    Staff is on site 24 hours a day (security guards staff the premises at night), ensuring resident safety and security.

  • Indoor garage

    Indoor garage

    An indoor garage provides parking for up to 107 vehicles.*1 (53 spaces accommodate high-roofed vehicles)
    Stay dry even when going out on rainy days.
    *1 Three spaces reserved for guest parking.

  • Interior hallway design

    Interior hallway design

    Interior hallways on all floors designed with an emphasis on privacy. Spaces are hotel-like and comfortably spacious.

  • Taxi service to Shinagawa Station

    Taxi service to Shinagawa Station

    Residents can make use of convenient taxi shuttle service to Shinagawa Station, departing regularly each morning.

  • Auto-lock system

    Entrance auto-lock system ensures resident safety. Elevator monitoring equipment also installed.

  • Storage room

    Each unit is provided with a convenient basement storage room, ideal for storing bulky items

  • Home delivery lockers

    Home delivery lockers ensure deliveries can always be made even when residents are away.A display panel will show when a package has been delivered.

  • Pets allowed.

    Here, you can enjoy life with your favorite family pets. (Some restrictions apply)

image photo

Concierge (Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.)

The reception counter concierge offers an abundant array of lifestyle support services.

CONCIERGE SERVICEBilingual (English) service

  • Reception desk services

    Information service
    Message service
    Fax service
    Front shop services

  • Other Referrals

    Taxi and hired car dispatch
    Parcel delivery
    Flower delivery
    Plant rental
    Greeting card printing
    Rental bedding

  • Referral Services

    Maid services
    Catering services
    Babysitter services
    Housecleaning services
    Elderly care services
    Home tutoring services

*Services listed are as of April, 2015, and may be subject to change.

Except for photos labeled “Image,” all photos were taken between June, 2014 and February, 2015. Please see staff for details.